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Presentations & Video

Studies show that video adds value and increased viewer retention on websites. Video and annimation can be wonderful, but also costly. It is important that you sit down with your marketing team and discuss the options that fit your budget. Taking the time to define your goals and audience and creating the storyboard before even touching the camera is crutial.

JPerlee Design services for your project can include storyboarding, developing and producing presentations and videos, YouTube channels, blogs, interactive activities, slideshows, social media posts, and more.

Please feel free to inquire about specific details of a video project and to discuss your needs.

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Educational Video

This is a problem-based learning unit for children in grades first through third.


Audience: students, instructors
View on YouTube:
Emperor Penguin Behavioral Adaptations (5:10)
Emperor Penguin Physical Adaptations (4:41)
Emperor Penguin Habitat (6:20)


This presentation video is played on a loop at conference booths.
Audience: teachers, parents
View Presentation on YouTube.
There is a manual slideshow version of the video that is used during live presentations.