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Over 50 websites designed and maintained.

The majority of these websites have been for publications, having worked in the publication field for fifteen years. Five municipal websites have been designed and maintained; the first being Wantage Township, which launched nineteen years ago. The latest municipal site is the redesign of Frankford Township, which is set to launch in May, 2019. Two sites feature the country of Haiti; an informational/fundraising site in support of the construction of a new school and one that featured community service trips for high school students to live in and learn about the country. Social-focused sites include athletic teams and a dog park. Commercial sites include book publishers, an online school, a fuel oil company, an electric co-op, woodworking artists, a musician, and a taxidermist.

Software/programs include custom hand coding, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Bootstrap, Foundation 6, CSS3, HTML5, PHP, MySQL, SoundCloud, Photoshop, QuickTime, iMovie, Tumlt Hype, Fireworks, Mal's e-Commerce, PayPal, and more.

The design of your website can include developing and producing instructional presentations, videos, YouTube channels, blogs, interactive activities, e-mail marketing (list maintenance/mailing and e-newsletter design), slideshows, registration forms, secure log in, shopping carts, surveys, and more.

Please feel free to inquire about specific details of any website.

municipal website - front page screenshot


Government | Information
Audience: Residents, Visitors
case study | website

online school website - front page screenshot

Online School

Education | Commercial
Audience: Parents, Educators
case study | website

LARS vision screen

Vision Screening

Health | Information
Audience: Parents, Special Education

book publisher website - front page screenshot

Book Publisher Website

Audience: Adults

HSE school website - front page screenshot

Building a School

Philanthropy | Information
Audience: Educators, Benefactors

Paper Creations magazine

Quarterly Magazine

Commercial | Information
Audience: Crafters
website no longer live