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Why hire a web designer

Why Hire a Web Designer

With all the DYI site-building tools out there today, you may feel that you (or your office assistant!) can slap something together and call it a day. Right? Or is it better to hire a web professional because he or she knows how to tackle just about every problem and how to deliver the right product for your business growth? Read more.

Why hire a web designer

Your Business DOES Need a Website

Some people mistakenly believe that their small business does not need a website; they have a Facebook page and that is enough. This is a mistake. No matter how small a company is, a website is essential. Only on your own website can you control the narrative. This your dedicated space to proclaim, “This is what we do!” Everything on your website is about you. Read more.

Is your video accessible

Is Your Video Accessible?

Video can serve many purposes for a website. However, videos are not inherently accessible. An accessible video should allow all viewers to consume the content in full and allow viewers to control the playing of the content, regardless of a disability or situation. Read more.